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\title{Make a random number generator repeatable}
repeatable(rngfunc, seed = runif(1, 0, .Machine$integer.max))
\item{rngfunc}{The function that is affected by the R session's seed.}
\item{seed}{The seed to set every time the resulting function is called.}
A repeatable version of the function that was passed in.
Given a function that generates random data, returns a wrapped version of
that function that always uses the same seed when called. The seed to use can
be passed in explicitly if desired; otherwise, a random number is used.
When called, the returned function attempts to preserve the R session's
current seed by snapshotting and restoring
rnormA <- repeatable(rnorm)
rnormB <- repeatable(rnorm)
rnormA(3) # [1] 1.8285879 -0.7468041 -0.4639111
rnormA(3) # [1] 1.8285879 -0.7468041 -0.4639111
rnormA(5) # [1] 1.8285879 -0.7468041 -0.4639111 -1.6510126 -1.4686924
rnormB(5) # [1] -0.7946034 0.2568374 -0.6567597 1.2451387 -0.8375699
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