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\title{Run Shiny Example Applications}
runExample(example = NA, port = NULL,
launch.browser = getOption("shiny.launch.browser", interactive()),
host = getOption("", ""), display.mode = c("auto",
"normal", "showcase"))
\item{example}{The name of the example to run, or \code{NA} (the default) to
list the available examples.}
\item{port}{The TCP port that the application should listen on. Defaults to
choosing a random port.}
\item{launch.browser}{If true, the system's default web browser will be
launched automatically after the app is started. Defaults to true in
interactive sessions only.}
\item{host}{The IPv4 address that the application should listen on. Defaults
to the \code{} option, if set, or \code{""} if not.}
\item{display.mode}{The mode in which to display the example. Defaults to
\code{showcase}, but may be set to \code{normal} to see the example without
code or commentary.}
Launch Shiny example applications, and optionally, your system's web browser.
## Only run this example in interactive R sessions
if (interactive()) {
# List all available examples
# Run one of the examples
# Print the directory containing the code for all examples
system.file("examples", package="shiny")