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% Generated by roxygen2 (4.1.0): do not edit by hand
% Please edit documentation in R/bootstrap.R
\title{Create a tabset panel}
tabsetPanel(..., id = NULL, selected = NULL, type = c("tabs", "pills"),
position = c("above", "below", "left", "right"))
\item{...}{\code{\link{tabPanel}} elements to include in the tabset}
\item{id}{If provided, you can use \code{input$}\emph{\code{id}} in your
server logic to determine which of the current tabs is active. The value
will correspond to the \code{value} argument that is passed to
\item{selected}{The \code{value} (or, if none was supplied, the \code{title})
of the tab that should be selected by default. If \code{NULL}, the first
tab will be selected.}
\item{type}{Use "tabs" for the standard look; Use "pills" for a more plain
look where tabs are selected using a background fill color.}
\item{position}{The position of the tabs relative to the content. Valid
values are "above", "below", "left", and "right" (defaults to "above").
Note that the \code{position} argument is not valid when \code{type} is
A tabset that can be passed to \code{\link{mainPanel}}
Create a tabset that contains \code{\link{tabPanel}} elements. Tabsets are
useful for dividing output into multiple independently viewable sections.
# Show a tabset that includes a plot, summary, and
# table view of the generated distribution
tabPanel("Plot", plotOutput("plot")),
tabPanel("Summary", verbatimTextOutput("summary")),
tabPanel("Table", tableOutput("table"))
\code{\link{tabPanel}}, \code{\link{updateTabsetPanel}}
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