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Generating R code from swagger #1

maelle opened this issue Nov 15, 2017 · 4 comments

Generating R code from swagger #1

maelle opened this issue Nov 15, 2017 · 4 comments


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@maelle maelle commented Nov 15, 2017

Will this package generate code from swagger like ?

Cc @hrbrmstr


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@javierluraschi javierluraschi commented Feb 4, 2018

@maelle no plans for this, but if you or @hrbrmstr want to include this functionality in this package, please send a PR!

See also:


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@hrbrmstr hrbrmstr commented Jun 8, 2018

Turns out swagger-codegen for R is pretty darned "meh" (when it even works).

@maelle Thx to the MSGitHub kerfuffle and me trying to do a write up for R folks looking to rely on a local Gitea setup with pushed to all the major external sites, I jumpstarted this idea (a bit) again. I'm not even close to having a PR for this pkg but I used this code:


x <- jsonlite::fromJSON("http://my-gitea-rhost:3000/swagger.v1.json")

unlink("/tmp/crumpets", recursive = TRUE) # this is for my pkg hence some hard coding
dir.create("/tmp/crumpets/R", recursive = TRUE)

base_path <- sub("^/", "", x$basePath)

walk2(x$paths, names(x$paths), ~{

  obj <- .x
  path <- .y

  walk2(obj, names(obj), ~{

    verb <- toupper(.y)
    v <- .x

    # if (verb != "POST") return() # to enable targeted re-gen

    fname <- snakecase::to_snake_case(v$operationId[1])

    message(sprintf("Creating %s", fname))

    query <- "list(access_token = gitea_token)"
    body <-  "NULL"
    prox <- "#'"
    params <- ""

    make_params <- function(params) {
      if (length(params) == 0) return("")
      params <- distinct(params, name, .keep_all = TRUE)
      res <- paste0(params$name, collapse=", ")
      if (length(res) > 0) sprintf("%s, ", res) else ""

    make_params_roxygen <- function(params) {
      prox <- "#'"
      if (length(params) > 0) {
        if (nrow(params) > 0) {
          params <- distinct(params, name, .keep_all = TRUE)
          prox <- paste0(glue_data(params, "#' @param {name} {description}"), collapse="\n")

    make_get <- function(params) {
      if (length(params) > 0) {
        if (nrow(params) > 0) {
          params <- distinct(params, name, .keep_all = TRUE)
          res <- sprintf("list(
      access_token = gitea_token
    )", paste0(glue_data(params, "`{name}` = `{name}`"), collapse=",\n"))
      "list(access_token = gitea_token)"

      "GET" = {
        query <- make_get(v$parameters)
        params <- make_params(v$parameters)
        prox <- make_params_roxygen(v$parameters)

    # TODO shld try to auto-handle /path/{param} like
    # TODO customization/generation POST / PUT / DELETE / FETCH
    #      they get created now but no params or body are added

      title = v$summary[1],
      base_path = base_path,
      prox = prox,
      params = params,
      path = path[1],
      verb = verb,
      query = query,
      fname = fname
    ) -> rec

      "#' WIP - {title}
#' @md
#' @param api_endpoint URL prefix for your gitea server (no trailing '/')
#' @param gitea_token NOTE: we use `access_token` in the package
#' @return something
#' @export
#' @examples \\dontrun{{
#' }
{fname} <- function({params}api_endpoint = Sys.getenv('GITEA_BASE_URL'),
                    gitea_token = Sys.getenv('GITEA_PAT')) {{

  stop('Not implemented yet')

  api_endpoint <- sub('/$', '', api_endpoint)

  gitea_url <- file.path(api_endpoint, '{base_path}', sub('^/', '', '{path}'))

    verb = '{verb}',
    url = gitea_url,
    body = list(),
    query = {query},
    encode = 'json',
    httr::user_agent('crumpets r package <')
  ) -> res


  out <- httr::content(res, as='text')
  out <- jsonlite::fromJSON(out)


    ) -> elmered

    elmered <- styler::style_text(strsplit(elmered, "\n")[[1]]) # make nicely formatted functions

    cat(elmered, sep="\n", file = gsub("_", "-", sprintf("/tmp/crumpets/R/%s.R", fname)))



to scaffold crumpets:

There was no way I was writing 146 functions from scratch and I really don't like to make users have to guess at API endpoints like the gh package does.

That scaffolding made it super easy to quickly tweak a few of the ones based on GET to actually work (well!).

Hopefully it'll come in handy until I get a change to make it PR-able.


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@maelle maelle commented Jun 8, 2018



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@gaborcsardi gaborcsardi commented Feb 7, 2020

I really don't like to make users have to guess at API endpoints like the gh package does.

Well, those endpoints are documented at and you can copy them from the documentation to the code. I am not sure what exactly you need to guess here.

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