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A browser extension/add-on to filter tweets. Currently, supporting Google Chrome.and Mozilla Firefox (15+)
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Open Tweet Filter

The open source browser extension to filter tweets.

If you have a lot of tweets filling your timeline about certain topic or person you are not interested in, this extension is for you. Or, as a user put it in a review, "Ahhhh, I no longer have to see intelligent people talk the same hive-minded shite about TV programs". :-)


  • Filter out tweets by their contents or by their authors/retweeters.
  • Filter out tweets using regular expressions (for example, match all words starting with "auto" using: /\Wauto/)
  • Save your filters using bookmarklets.


  1. Install the official release from Chrome Web Store or the latest version for Firefox or Safari from here.
  2. Refresh you page.
  3. Select the Filters option in the gear icon drop down menu (just below "Lists" option).
  4. Enter terms separated by commas in the first field.
  5. Enter user names separated by commas in the second field.
  6. Toggle Including / Excluding button before each field.
  7. Toggle Show report of filtered tweets checkbox.
  8. Toggle Enable / Disable button in the dialog footer.
  9. Save the configuration as a bookmarklet. Just drag the OpenTweetFilter Settings box and drop it to the bookmarks bar, then you can rename it to describe the filters. You can create as many bookmarklets as you want.
  10. Press Clear to reset all fields.

Feel free to experiment with the effect of all these settings. The tweets are not deleted but just hidden, so you can get them back any time by disabling the filter or changing the criteria.

NOTE: We respect your privacy, so no data is sent to any server. Your filters are processed in your computer and stored in your browser local storage (so please, use the bookmarklet feature or keep a copy of your filters in a safe place).

To suggest a feature, report a bug, or general discussion:


  1. Clone the repository

  2. Install Node.js

  3. Install dependencies

    npm install
  4. Make some changes.

  5. Build the extension:

    npm build
  6. Builds can be slow. If you plan to make more changes, prefer:

    npm run watch


  1. Go to chrome://extensions/, activate Developer mode, then Load unpacked extension and select the build directory.

  2. Disable the version installed from Chrome Web Store, if applies.

  3. After every build, go to chrome://extensions/ and Reload (Ctrl+R) and refresh Twitter site.


Open Tweet Filter logo by @StoicYoic using Twitter Bird by ~freakyframes and Funnel Icon by IconEden.


Licensed under the MIT License Copyright 2012 Ricardo Stuven

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