A React table component.
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A React table component,


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  • Support fixed header, fixed column.
  • Support custom adjustment column width.
  • Support for custom cell content.
  • Support for displaying a tree form.
  • Support for sorting.


npm i rsuite-table --save


import { Table, Column, HeaderCell, Cell } from 'rsuite-table';
import 'rsuite-table/lib/less/index.less'

const dataList = [
  { id: 1, name: 'a', email: 'a@email.com', avartar: '...' },
  { id: 2, name: 'b', email: 'b@email.com', avartar: '...' },
  { id: 3, name: 'c', email: 'c@email.com', avartar: '...' }

const ImageCell = ({ rowData, dataKey, ...props }) => (
  <Cell {...props}>
    <img src={rowData[dataKey]} width="50" />

<Table data={dataList}>
  <Column width={100} sort fixed resizable>
    <Cell dataKey="id" />

  <Column width={100} sort resizable>
    <Cell dataKey="name" />

  <Column width={100} sort resizable>
    <Cell dataKey="email" />

  <Column width={100} resizable>
    <ImageCell dataKey="avartar" />



Property Type (Default) Description
autoHeight boolean Automatic height
bordered boolean Show border
cellBordered boolean Show cell border
data * Array<Object> Table data
defaultExpandAllRows boolean Expand all nodes By default
defaultExpandedRowKeys Array<string> Specify the default expanded row by rowkey
defaultSortType enum: 'desc', 'asc' Sort type
expandedRowKeys Array<string> Specify the default expanded row by rowkey (Controlled)
headerHeight number(40) Table Header Height
height number(200) Table height
isTree boolean Show as Tree table
loading boolean Show loading
minHeight number (0) Minimum height
onExpandChange (expanded:boolean,rowData:object)=>void Tree table, the callback function in the expanded node
onRowClick (rowData:object)=>void Click the callback function after the row and return to rowDate
onScroll (scrollX:object, scrollY:object)=>void Callback function for scroll bar scrolling
onSortColumn (dataKey:string, sortType:string)=>void Click the callback function of the sort sequence to return the value sortColumn, sortType
renderRowExpanded (rowDate?: Object) => React.Node Customize what you can do to expand a zone
renderTreeToggle (icon:node,rowData:object)=> node Tree table, the callback function in the expanded node
rowClassName string , (rowData:object)=>string Add an optional extra class name to row
rowExpandedHeight number (100) Set the height of an expandable area
rowHeight number(46) Row height
rowKey string ('key') Each row corresponds to the unique key in data
setRowHeight (rowData:object)=> number Custom Settings Row Height
showHeader boolean (true) Display header
sortColumn string Sort column name ˝
sortType enum: 'desc', 'asc' Sort type (Controlled)
width number Table width


Property Type (Default) Description
align enum: 'left','center','right' Alignment
colSpan number Merges column cells to merge when the dataKey value for the merged column is null or undefined.
fixed boolean Fixed column
flexGrow number Set the column width automatically adjusts, when set flexGrow cannot set resizable and width property
minWidth number(200) When you use flexGrow, you can set a minimum width by minwidth
onResize (columnWidth?: number, dataKey?: string) => void Callback after column width change
resizable boolean Customizable Resize Column width
sortable boolean Sortable
width number Column width

sortable is used to define whether the column is sortable, but depending on what key sort needs to set a dataKey in Cell. The sort here is the service-side sort, so you need to handle the logic in the ' Onsortcolumn ' callback function of <Table>, and the callback function returns sortColumn, sortType values.


Property Type (Default) Description
dataKey string Data binding key, but also a sort of key
rowData object Row data
rowIndex number Row number