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@simonguo simonguo released this Jun 29, 2018 · 337 commits to master since this release


  • Feature: Support expandAll on <TreePicker> and CheckTreePicker (#112)
  • Feature: Support searchKeyword on <TreePicker> and CheckTreePicker (#112)
  • Feature: Support autoVertical and autoHorizontal for placement value on <Popover> and <Tooltip> (#107)
  • Feature: Support disabledFileItem on <Uploader> (#101)
  • Feature: Support toggleComponentClass on <Uploader> (#104)
  • Feature: Support loadAnimation on <Table> (#table-27)
  • Feature: Support for <InputGroup/> nesting <InputNumber/> (#96)
  • Feature: Support noCaret and toggleComponentClass on <Dropdown> (#92)
  • Bugfix: Select the same file without triggering the onChange event in <Uploader> (#102)
  • Bugfix: <TreePicker> error when comparing values (#100)
  • Bugfix: The position was updated incorrectly when the scrollbar was clicked on <Table> (#table-26)
  • Bugfix: Increase z-index when drawer opened (#95)
  • Bugfix: <InputNumber> should not set the default value (#93)
  • Bugfix: Set minimum height for table body (#table-24)
  • Chore: Improve picker selected styles (#109)
  • Chore: Added transition for table loader. (#108)
  • Chore: Handle <InputNumber> combination styles (#106)
  • Chore: Button in <InputNumber>, defaults to the subtle button (#99)
  • Chore: Keep loader backdrop-color with table loader (#96)
  • Chore: remove all animation for tree to optimal performance (#94)
  • Chore: Allowed table header height can be 0 (#table-25)
  • Chore: Update style for table load (#table-25)
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