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  • Allow the :runner option for {HandBrake::CLI} to take a lambda that returns the runner. (#4)
  • Document the default runner to make the runner protocol explicit. (#4)
  • Ensure that arguments that contain quotes are properly escaped during execution. (#2; reported by bmatsuo)


  • Add :dry_run option for {HandBrake::CLI}. When true, the commands that would be executed otherwise are printed to standard out instead.
  • Ensure that the directories needed by a call to {HandBrake::CLI#output} exist before writing to them.
  • Ensure that the options hash passed into #output is not modified.


  • Change the output from the scan action to be a {HandBrake::Disc} object which contains a titles hash, rather than the hash directly.
  • When scanning for a single title, return only a single {HandBrake::Title}.
  • Accept a path for the :atomic option to {HandBrake::CLI#output}. If specified, the temporary file will be written to this path rather than the ultimate target directory.
  • Ensure that trace mode prints updating lines (e.g., the encode status) that do not end in newlines in a timely fashion.
  • Add property-based constructors to {HandBrake::Title} and {HandBrake::Chapter} for easier construction in tests of consuming apps/libs.


  • Include parent references in {HandBrake::Title} and {HandBrake::Chapter}.
  • When parsing a title scan, do not keep references to the parsed tree in the {HandBrake::Title} objects.


  • Support overwrite detection and behaviors for the {HandBrake::CLI#output}.
  • Support "atomic" output mode in {HandBrake::CLI#output}.


  • Change {HandBrake::Title#chapters} from an Array to a Hash. This is consistent with {HandBrake::Titles} and obviates the need for index to chapter number conversions. {HandBrake::Title#all_chapters} is the equivalent of the old {HandBrake::Title#chapters} method.


  • Add {HandBrake::Chapter#number}.


  • Initial release.
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