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This package contains Common Lisp bindings to GTK+ v2.x. It currently
works with CMUCL 19, SBCL 0.9 and CLISP. Ports to other CL
implementations may be added later.
New versions
The most recent version of this package can be downloaded from
Build instructions
1. If you are using a version of SBCL without native callback support
you need to upgrade or add third party callback code. The following
instructions of how to add callback support, are borrowed
from the Common Music installation guide:
1. Download Thomas Burdick's Alien Function package¹ and restore it
to a directory on your machine.
2. Compile the Alien Function package and save a new sbcl.core image:
$ cd sbcl-af
$ sbcl --load "system"
* (sb-ext:save-lisp-and-die "/tmp/sbcl.core")
$ cd /usr/local/lib/sbcl
$ cp sbcl.core sbcl.core.orig
$ mv /tmp/sbcl.core .
¹ A slightly modified version which works with SBCL 0.8.21 or newer
could be found at
2. Set up paths to match your system:
- Set the correct pkg-config search path if your Gtk+ installation
is in an unusual place, by adding it to the PKG_CONFIG_PATH
environment variable before starting lisp.
- Make sure ASDF finds the system definition files:
(push "/path/to/clg/systems/" asdf:*central-registry*)
When checking out of CVS also do the following:
$ cd <clg toplevel>
$ mkdir systems && cd systems
$ find .. -name '*.asd' -exec ln -s {} . \;
3. Compile and load the system:
(asdf:oos 'asdf:load-op :gtk)
In CMUCL 19a this will fail with:
Redefining class PCL::SLOT-INFO incompatibly with the current definition.
Just accept the redefinition (restart 1) to continue building or
loading. To avoid doing this every time clg is loaded, compile
and load glib/pcl.lisp in newly started CMUCL process and save a
new core image.
If you are running SBCL with Slime you need to put the following
in ~/.swank.lisp to prevent Slime from spawning multiple
threads, since GTK+ is not really thread safe:
#+sbcl(setq swank:*communication-style* :fd-handler)
CLISP needs to be started with the option '-ansi' for clg to
compile and load.
4. If everything worked, try (load "hello-world") to see a small
window pop up, and then run testgtk.lisp in the example directory.
Guidelines for using the GTK+ API documentation
Here are some brief guidelines for using the GTK+ API documentation. A
lot of (both intentional and unintentional) inconsistencies exists,
so it is also wise to check the source code.
- library prefixes are stripped from all symbols
- object properties should be available as virtual slots. A lot of
"missing" properties are manually defined as slots. Slots may be read
only or write only, but there later type are generally only
defined automatically through introspection
- the get/set part are removed from regular accessors, but retained
in functions which set or retrieve multiple values
- predicate functions follow the normal convention of ending
with '-P'
- if there are multiple similar named functions which only differ in
the type of argument they accept, only one function accepting any
kind of valid argument types is provided
- there are no gtk_*_new functions, use MAKE-INSTANCE to create widgets
- use CHILD-PROPERTY-VALUE or automatically defined accessors to
access child properties
- use STYLE-PROPERTY-VALUE to access style properties
- the only function used to connect signals is SIGNAL-CONNECT
- some additional initargs to make-instance:
- gtk:container
child -- adds a child to a container widget. This argument could
be a widget or a list who's first element is a widget and the rest
child properties. Multiple :child initargs may be specified
children -- list of children to be added
child-args -- default child properties used when adding children (during
construction only)
show-children -- automatically make children (and grandchildren)
visible. May be overridden in a child by explicit specifying :visible or
another :show-children
- gtk:button
stock -- equivalent to ":label stock :use-stock t :use-underline t"
- gtk:dialog
button -- button specification applied to dialog-add-button. Multiple
:button initargs may be specified
buttons -- list of button specifications
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