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A collection of string matching algorithms
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(c) Robert Winkler 2011-2019

This is just a collection of for string matching algorithms in C.

Rabin-Karp automata/DFA Knuth-Morris-Pratt Boyer-Moore

It compiles g++ -o stringmatching -ansi -pedantic main.cpp

valgrind says there are no memory errors but it does show a weird CRC mismatch thing which I've seen a few times on different programs but doesn't seem to have anything to do with my code and never seems to affect the programs output.

I've tested them by hand fairly thouroughly but I intend to add some test cases and maybe alternate versions that give the line number and position in the line rather than the absolute offset (0 is beginning of file).

Rabin-Karp, automata and KMP algorithms I based off the psuedo-code in Inroduction to Algorithms, Corment et al (3rd Edition).

Boyer Moore I based off what used to be in the Wikipedia article(Summer '11). I improved it (and used C++ instead of straight C) and am using the strong suffix rule.

Update 2019: iirc Boyer Moore has a bug that I never got around to fixing

I think that's about it.

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