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The liblognorm project ( ) provides high speed text log normalization. It does so be utilizing so-called rulebases which describe the content of log messages.

In this liblognorm-rulebases project we provide canned rulebases for a variety of devices. The project's goal is to make using liblognorm as easy as possible without the need to re-invent rulebases.

The project is currently in its infancy. Contributions are very welcome. We are looking both for

  • ready-to-use rulebases
  • log samples

Log samples permits us to fine-tune rulebases and improve the rsyslog tooling. When we receive samples for which no rulebase yet exists, we try to create one.

How to Contribute

Contribution of log samples is extremely easy via our log ingestion server. Simply send logs via UDP to:

param value
port 514
protocol any flavor of syslog or other text data

in rsyslog.conf, you can do so via this line:


Logs will be migrated to the respository via a manual process. So please don't expect them to show up immediately and bear a little with us.

Of course, to submit samples or rulebases, you can simply fork this project and send us a pull request. Or email the project lead (Rainer Gerhards) directly at - or use whichever other method that fits you best.


Please note that all contributions must be under the BSD 2-clause license. By contributing, you agree to this.