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rgerhards committed Feb 10, 2020
1 parent 3d3c89d commit 3858b85f748592e5caacedfd9673cc4689b86e06
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Scheduled Release 8.2002.0 (aka 2020.02) 2020-02-25
- 2020-02-09: imfile bugfix: timeout did not work on very busy system
The timeout feature was soley based on timeouts of the poll()
system call. On a very busy system, this would probably happen
very seldomly. Moreover, the timeout could occur later than
expected on any system with high load.
The issue was not reported from practice but discovered during
CI system improvements.
- 2020-01-30: build system: change --enable-imfile-tests default to "yes"
This was accidentally set to "no" some time ago (actual commit unknown). Tests for
imfile should by default run when imfile is enabled.

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