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rgerhards committed Jun 12, 2019
1 parent 7f52bc8 commit c4d21789c089d1e810b0b06bb9d2a31d8bff3b17
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Version 8.1907.0 (aka 2019.07) 2019-07-09
- omamqp1: port to latest api, add tests
This brings omamqp1 up-to-date with the latest qpid-proton-c
api version. This also adds a test for the plugin, to test
the basic functionality. The test requires the user to
install qdrouterd and the python qpid-proton library in order
to use the test program.
Thanks to Richard Megginson for the patch.
- core bugfix: segfault on startup depending on queue file names
rsyslog will segfault on startup when a main queue file name has
been set and at least on other queue contains a file name. This

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