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rgerhards committed Aug 13, 2019
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Version 8.1908.0 (aka 2019.08) 2019-08-20
- 2019-08-13: omelasticsearch bugfix: segfault on unknown retryRuleset
omelasticsearch does some "interesting tricks" for an output module.
This causes a segfault if the retryRuleset is now known.
The action module interface currently expects that all config errors
be detected during instance creation. Instead omelasticsearch defers
the retry ruleset check to a later state. The reason is that it wants
to support the use the same rulesetname it is defined in - and this
is not yet available at action parsing.
We fix this by ensuring that any deleted instance is properly unlinked
from the instance list. One may argue the module interface should get
upgrade for such cases, but this is a longer-term approach.
- 2019-08-12: imptcp bugfix: port="0" parameter did not work as expected
when multiple interfaces and/or protocols could be bound, each of
them used a different listener ports were assigned. While this is

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