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rgerhards committed May 14, 2019
1 parent f0e4258 commit f07764e4ef92996dd0b0f66957a0b033a00d8188
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@@ -57,6 +57,13 @@ Version 8.1905.0 (aka 2019.05) 2019-05-28
for internal messages, before submitted to journal. So it's not 100%
of what rsyslog can do, but at least some way to customize.
see also
- config processing bugfix: error messages if config.enabled="off" is used
Using config.enabled="off" could lead to error messages on
"parameter xxx not known", which were invalid. They occured
because the config handler expected them to be used, which
was not the case due to being disabled.
This commit fixes that issue.
- core portability bugfix: harden shutdown processing on FreeBSD
On FreeBSD, rsyslog does not always terminate immediately on SIGTEM.
Root cause seems to be that SIGTERM is delivered differently under
@@ -92,6 +99,10 @@ Version 8.1905.0 (aka 2019.05) 2019-05-28
- dnscache bufix: very unlikely memory leak
This fixes a memory leak that can only occur under OOM conditions.
Detected by Coverity Scan, CID 203717
- testbench bugfix: wrong parameter check in (tcpflood())
When first parameter is check_only, the tcpflood funtion shall not
abort the test itself (The fail is intended if this option is set).
closes issue #3625
- testbench bugfix: imfile-symlink test failed w/ parallel test run
The test sometimes failed. It used a symlinkl to a hardcoded name
rsyslog-link.*.log. This symlink was created but then disappears.

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