Unofficial Instagram client for CLI.
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An Instagram Client for terminals (OS X, Linux, Windows Console).

Export environmental variable instagram_access_token or set access_token in

The Instagram API accepts user-ids when browsing and interacting, Instascii will accept username and perform a getByUsername() before any such call to the API.

$ ./ [--help]

Navigation, user-name or hash-tag as parameter:
  --search-user=, --search-hash=,    --show-feed=,
  --show-user=,   --show-followers=, --show-following=

  --hide-comments, --hide-likes, --hide-images

Image manipulation:
  --invert, --smaller
  --renderer=<custom script>

  --write_dir=<dir>       Temporary storage for cache etc.
  --access_token=...      Override built-in, recommended to keep in file though.
  ...all internal variables can be overridden with --<variable_name>=

More information over at


  1. Instagram access

  2. Perl with LWP, GD/ImageMagick is optional as the image-renderer can be whatever.

  3. A write-enabled directory, defaults to /tmp/

Credits and license