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FastWeb C++ Framework
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FastWeb C++ Web Framework

A web framework written in C++.

Code Example

There are currently no example projects.

An example of a website running the FastWeb C++ Web Framework in production is my personal website:


The motivation behind the FastWeb C++ Web Framework is to create a web framework which is both fast in execution and development speed similar to ASP .Net. The FastWeb C++ Web Framework is built upon the POCO C++ libraries.


cmake -G "Unix Makefiles" .
make all install


Documentation is provided using doxygen:

doxygen doxygen.conf

Once completed you can view the doc/html/index.html documentation.


TODO: Test cases need to be added.

TODO List / Ideas

There is still a lot open:

  • configuration file
    • port settings
    • threads etc.
    • HTTPS certificate
    • directory settings
    • ...
  • logging
    • debug log (?)
    • access log
    • error log (information / warning / errors -> optional exception backtrace)
  • session management
  • caching -> supported through ActionCachedResult
  • HTTPS (doesn't POCO already support this?)
  • easy database integration (?)
    • currently possible with POCO without much effort, the question is, do we want to create a structured system to be able to work even more easily with the database?
  • better templating (?) -> currently POCO JSON Template
    • not bad and the performance is quite good
    • template iheritance needed (?)
      • currently the only solution is to create a sub-template for everything and re-use them, inheritance would reduce the amount of includes required
      • escape functions needed in the templates (?)
  • automatic testing


Contributions are always welcome. If you wish to contact me, send me a private message here on github or shoot me an e-mail.


Apache 2.0

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