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Amateur radio and weather satellite tracker and passes predictor for Android inspired by Gpredict
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Look4Sat: Radio satellite tracker

Amateur radio and weather satellite tracker and passes predictor for Android.

The very app creation and design is hugely inspired by the open-source Gpredict desktop satellite tracking application, created by Alexandru Csete, OZ9AEC and contributors, supported by the Libre Space Foundation.

The Libre Space Foundation team is also behind the epic SatNOGS project that provides an extremely easy to use API and DB with a huge amount of information about satellites, their telemetry and transmitters, which the app uses under the hood.

For TLE data calculation and passes prediction Look4Sat uses the mavenized version of predict4java library, created by David A. B. Johnson, G4DPZ and Dave Moten. Thank you guys for your hard work making this lib efficient and easy to use!

The app is built using Dagger2, Retrofit2, Kotlin and Kotlin coroutines, Architecture Components and Jetpack Navigation.

Main features:

– Calculating satellite passes for up to one week (168 hours)
– Calculating passes for the current or manually entered location
– Showing the list of currently active and upcoming satellite passes
– Showing the active pass progress, polar trajectory and transceivers info
– Showing the satellite positional data, footprint and ground track on a map
– Offline first: all the passes predictions are made offline. It's up to you to decide when
to update the TLE file and the transceivers DB. (Updates once a week are recommended)

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