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Unstated Persist

unstated container w/ persistence


Usage is simple, replace Container with PersistContainer and add persist config as a class property

import { PersistContainer } from 'unstated-persist'
import localForage from 'localforage'

type CounterState = {
  count: number

class CounterContainer extends PersistContainer<CounterState> {
  persist = {
    key: 'counter',
    version: 1,
    storage: localForage,
 // ...


Class inheritance are you crazy?

Well it works, and its tiny and simple. Risk of inheritance collision / confusion is minimal in this case.


In the future we will add redux-persist like migrations / transforms. For now, changing persist version will simply clobber stored state.


An example of how PersistGate might be implemented lives here. However it is so simple, I expect in most cases components will their own gating. Something like:

import { Subscribe } from 'unstated'
import { isBootstrapped } from 'unstated-persist'


<Subscribe to={[containers]}>
  {(...containers) => {
    if (!containers.every(isBootstrapped)) return <Loading />
    return <App />
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