activeCollab Gitolite Module which helps to create git-repositories directly from activeCollab
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activeCollab Gitolite

activeCollab Gitolite Module which helps to create git-repositories directly from activeCollab

This module adds many new new features to activeCollab including:

  • Create/manage git-repositories directly from activeCollab.
  • Manage commit-access levels per user for every repository.
  • Clone directly remote-repos from Github, bitbucket and/or private-repos from any remote git-server.
  • Team-members can manage multiple public keys from their profile.
  • Support for Github style webhooks.

activeCollab has limited built-in support for git repos. By default, you cannot create new git repos from activeCollab. You have to create them elsewhere, then clone them in activeCollab’s “work/git” folder on server and then you have to add them into activeCollab (again manually) :(

This activeCollab-Gitolite module solves above problem and add many new features including:

  • Create new git repositories and manage access-permission level for them within activeCollab.
  • Interface to manage public SSH keys. Support for multiple public keys is already present.
  • Option to clone git repos from remote server. Support for all public-server (e.g. Github) and private server which uses SSH-key-based authentication.
  • Webhook support to trigger automatic code-update script on remote server, run continuous integration (CI) scripts.
  • Works with new gitolite server as well as existing gitolite server. Also supports local as well remote gitolite server.

Behind the scene…

This module uses gitolite to setup a central git-server and manage git-hosting. You can install a new gitolite-setup on same machine on which activeCollab is currently running or use an existing gitolite (version 3x). Gitolite is used by to control git-access to linux’s source code. So you can definitely rely on it! ;-)

Note: For Ubuntu server, this module comes with a shell-script to install a new gitolite instance automatically.