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Welcome to the activecollab-gitolite wiki!

##User Guide


Web-based interface

To manage git repos, SSH Keys, Read/Write access & more right within activeCollab!

Create New Repos

Create any number of git repos from any activeCollab project. You can create git repos without projects too!


Fine-Grained Access-Level

For each repo, control which users have read access, write access or no access at all. This module tries to figure out the optimal permissions automatically, based on a user’s activeCollab role.


Public-Key (SSH) Management

Users can add/remove any number of SSH keys from their activeCollab profile. This module automatically updates git permission for all concerned repos, each time new keys are added/removed.


Webhook – Github Style

For every git repo, add any number of webhooks which will get fired every time commits are pushed. Webhook post-data is Github compatible so you can reuse existing webhook handlers. ac-gitolite-webhooks1

Here's How it Works!

ac_gitolite module connects your activeCollab to gitolite seamlessly. activeCollab users can create new git repositories, manage SSH keys, read/write access, webhooks and much more, using the intuitive web-interface added in activeCollab. Once a repository gets created all git commands will work directly with gitolite server. So no changes will be needed in your developers’ daily workflow. All your git tools like netbeans and git-tower will work just right away!


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