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Easy and hassle free Google Admanager amp-ad tags integration for all WordPress sites. (AMP and Non-AMP)
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AMP AdManager 0.5

AMP ads for all WordPress sites (AMP and Non-AMP). This plugin generates <amp-ad> code for your ads with breakpoints for responsive display of ads using min and max attributes. Works without AMP plugin as well for Non-AMP pages.

Contributors: rtCamp, Vishal Dodiya, Pradeep Sonawane, Sagar Nasit

Tags: amp, mobile Requires at least: 4.9
Tested up to: 5.1
License: GPLv2 or later
Requires PHP: 5.4+


  1. Set network/publisher id in the plugin settings. Dashboard > AMP AdManager
  2. Select Load AMP Resources for Non-AMP site to load amp-runtime and amp-boilerplate css.


Pass different ad sizes as attributes for mobile, tablet, and desktop ads. The plugin uses the width of the specified size to determine which device ad should be displayed.

  1. Width equal to or more than 728 will be considered as desktop sizes eg. 980x250,970x90.
  2. Width between 468 and 727 will be considered as a tablet sizes eg.468x60.
  3. Width less than 468 will be considered as mobile sizes eg. 320x50,300x100.

In case of unusual sizes for desktop, tablet and mobile specific device size attribute, like

  • mobile-sizes for mobile.
  • tablet-sizes for tablet.
  • desktop-sizes for desktop.

As Shortcode

[ampad ad-unit="<ad-unit-name>"
custom-targeting="key1:value1, key2:value2"]
Custom sizes attributes example
[ampad ad-unit="<ad-unit-name>"
custom-targeting="key1:value1, key2:value2"]
Custom sizes example sizes with sizes attribute
[ampad ad-unit="<ad-unit-name>"
custom-targeting="key1:value1, key2:value2"]

sizes attribute and custom sizes attrubutes can be used simutanously where custom sizes attributes overtake sizes attribute.

In above example 300x100 and 320x50 are for mobile and 910x150 is for desktop as per our caculation on width. But since we defined desktop-sizes, it will override previous desktop size of 910x150 and new desktop sizes will be 320x100 and 300x100. mobile sizes will remain intact.

In Template

With sizes attribute example
$attr = [
	'ad-unit'   => '<ad-unit-name>',
	'sizes'     => '320x50,300x100,300x50,468x60,980x250,970x90',
	'layout'    => 'responsive',
	'custom-targeting' => 'key1:value1, key2:value2'

AMP_AdManager\AMP_AdManager::get_ads( $attr, true );
With custom or unusual sizes
$attr = [
	'ad-unit'			=> '<ad-unit-name>',
	'mobile-sizes'		=> '320x50,300x100',
	'tablet-sizes'		=> '300x50,468x60',
	'dekstop-sizes'		=> '980x250,970x90',
	'layout'			=> 'responsive',
	'custom-targeting'	=> 'key1:value1, key2:value2'

AMP_AdManager\AMP_AdManager::get_ads( $attr, true );
  1. $attr (Array) These are passed directly to the get_ads via template tag shown above or via shortcode.

    Default value: array

    	'network-id'       => '',
    	'ad-unit'          => '',
    	'mobile-sizes'	   => '320x50,300x100', // consider for mobile
    	'tablet-sizes'	   => '300x50,468x60',  // consider for tablet
    	'dekstop-sizes'	   => '980x250,970x90', // consider for desktop
    	'sizes'            => '320x50,300x50,468x60,980x250,970x90',
    	'layout'           => 'fixed',
    	'custom-targeting' => ''
  2. $echo (Boolean) Outputs amp-ad tag if true, returns amp-ad html as value otherwise.

Available targeting variables

Targeting Variable Description
author - post author username (string - lowercase)
contentType - type of content e.g homepage, listingpage, post, page, cpt-name (string - lowercase)
authorPage - archive author page name (string - lowercase)
categoryPage - archive category page name (string - lowercase)
tagPage - archive tag page name (string - lowercase)
postCategories - post categories list (array) ["cat1", "cat2"] (all lowercase - slugs)
postTags - post tags list (array) ["tag1", "tag2"] (all lowercase - slugs)
postName - post name slug (string - lowercase)
postId - post id (numeric)

Development Flow

  • Create new branch from 'master'.
  • Name it appropriately, i.e., feature/GH-<issue-number>-<name>,<context>/GH-<issue-number>-<what_it_is>.
  • Create PR against master.
  • Request review for your changes and get approvals.

Change Log

v0.7 (03-09-2019)

  • Add custom sizes attributes for shortcode.

v0.6 (28-08-2019)

  • Add single function to get output of mobile, tablet, desktop ads.
  • Add additional attribute to specify custom or unusual ad sizes.

v0.5 (17-05-2019)

  • PHPCS fixes.
  • Doc changes.

v0.4 (10-05-2019)

  • Add postName and postId targeting variables
  • Rename single post targeting variables - postCategories, postTags

v0.3 (29-04-2019)

  • Add network id support in shortcode.

v0.2 (14-04-2019)

  • Fix shortcode attributes function.
  • Add support for user defined targeting with custom-targeting attribute in [ampad].
  • Type casting for Domain variable.
  • Add layout attribute in shortcode for layout support.


  • Basic plugin with ampad shortcode.

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