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Shmart Payment Gateway plugin


This plugin is an extension for Easy Digital Download plugin. Use this plugin to setup shmart payment gateway on your store. The shmart payment gateway ( is only available for users from India. Shmart only accepts INR currency.

Shmart accepts payments via all VISA & MasterCard debit and credit cards and internet banking of 27 major banks and IMPS payment option of 55+ banks.

Once the order is placed in Easy Digital Downloads and user select option to make payment through Shmart payment gateway then he will be taken to Shmart secure payment page for making payment. After payment process is completed user will be taken back to the main site.


  • Easy Digital Download plugin.
  • Shmart approved account to get all the required keys.
  • free or paid API access to convert foreign currency into INR.


  • Download a plugin.
  • Go to WordPress dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New and upload a zip file.
  • Activate the plugin in your WordPress admin area.


  • Navigate to Downloads > Settings
  • Click on the tab labeled "Payment Gateway"
  • Enable check box "Shmart (recommended for Indian users)".
  • Fill up all the required values under "Shmart Settings".

Frequently Asked Questions

Refer Wiki page


Refer Wiki page



Version 1.0.2

  • Updated shmart payment gateway api url to v2 version.

Version 1.0.1

  • Change product name and slug

Version 1.0

  • Initial Release
  • Settings to enable payment gateway.


Require WordPress 4.0 or above

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