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Paid membership plans #65

OC2PS opened this Issue · 3 comments

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This is sort of a master ticket for a big feature. There's probably need to create other, smaller, more-specific tickets for individual tasks

Payment walls (restrictions per member):
1. Number of media items
2. Number of media items of each media type
3. Total media storage space
4. Filesize for each media type
The restrictions should work like business rules - so admin could choose one or the other or both...

Payment plans
1. On/Off (Restricted free, Unrestricted paid membership)
2. Different levels of restrictions
e.g. if restriction chosen is number of photos then
Free - up to 50 photos
$5 per year for up to 500 photos
$10 per year up to 5000 photos
$25 per year - unrestricted

Payment types:
1. One-time payment
2. Subscription (recurring payments): Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly

Payment gateway integration
1. PayPal
2. Google Wallet
3. Hooks for other plugins to add more payment options

1. List of sales
2. Sales over time: Admin can select time period (today, yesterday, this week, last 7 days, this month, last 30 days, last 3 months, last 6 months, this year, last 12 months, all time, custom from date to date) and granularity (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly)
3. Google charts for #2 above, showing sales and cumulative sales
4. List all members whose payments are due in x days (x configurable in admin)
5. List all members whose payments are y days past due (y configurable in admin)

  • Manually remove premium membership of each individual member, or multiple members

1. Automatically send email with renew subscription link to members whose payments are due in m, n days (m,n configurable in admin)
2. Automatically send email with renew subscription link to members whose payments have been past due for o,p days (o,p configurable in admin)
3. Automatically remove premium subscription of members whose payments have been past due for q days (q configurable in admin)

If you offer this as a premium plugin, please offer it via Code Canyon so that folks feel a sense of security and credibility, and you can build reputation points over time.


We will not implement this in BuddyPress Media. This can be implemented as a premium offering, by us or another team (or, both :) ). Closing this, here.

@yapapaya yapapaya closed this

Any chance we could see this in rtMedia Pro?


Definitely on roadmap. Not sure if it will go inside rtMedia-PRO or some memberhsip addon which takes care of rtMedia.

We are planning hybrid approach as payments, plans, subscriptions are common usable part among other membership-type sites.

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