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Do not correctly support Buddypres in multiblog mode #81

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For Wordress multisite and Buddypres in multiblog mode:
define( 'BP_ENABLE_MULTIBLOG', true );

The media files that was added at the one blog don't displayed in the profile the same user at the other blog.

I was going to change bp-album on yours plugin but before i set it on the local site. And have discovered this mistake. I can’t show you how it’s looks like on the real site but I can give you examples url that’s I got.

If I upload image by admin on the blog I will get url with image like:

and same image should be displayed on the other network blogs here:
but didn’t!

I don't know realy how but on bp-album this function work fine and I believe that you can do so.



This is tricky. This won't work with the current code because we use custom post types for organising media files (WordPress way). BP albums on the other hand uses a custom table, external to the wordpress posts table (BuddyPress way).

We are pulled either way due to the pros of both the ways. Now, the cons of using a custom table outweigh the cons of using custom posts.

To support such BuddyPress installs, we'd have to somehow share the media library and the 'attachment' post types and/or manage redirects so that appearances are kept.

This needs some internal (developers' discussion and introspection).

Cannot be addressed in the imminent release.




If you use custom post types this really tricky situation.
How do you think could I expect that this issue can be solved by you anyway?
And if yes approximately when?

Best regards.


The Multisite have function switch_to_blog()
How do you think it can help to solve this issue?


switch_to_blog() is the only way to fetch the media in our architecture. The urls are something that'll need a rethink on the way we handle them currently.


We've started indexing media in a separate table in 3.0. In subsequent releases we would be able to handle this.


It would be great! I'm really appreciate it.

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