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rtMedia (formerly Buddypress Media) adds advanced multimedia functionality to WordPress, BuddyPress and bbPress

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BuddyPress Media

Adds Photos, Music, Videos & Albums to BuddyPress. Supports mobile devices (iPhone/iPad, etc) and automatic audio/video conversion.


BuddyPress Media adds Photos, Music, Videos & Albums to your BuddyPress powered social network. Supports mobile devices (Android/iPhone/iPad, etc) and automatic audio/video conversion.

Demo & Code


BuddyPress Media's Features page

  • Media uploads: Users can upload images, music and video straight from their profiles.
  • Activity uploads [new]: Users can attach media to their status updates.
  • Lightbox [new]: Browsing media becomes simpler with a lightbox that includes previous/next navigation.
  • Drag and drop/ Multiple file uploader
  • Mobile uploads: Media can be uploaded on major mobile platforms (Android/iOS)
  • Social: All uploads show up in the activity streams. Other users can favourite and comment upon media.
  • User albums: Uploaded media can be organised into albums
  • Groups Supported: Users can upload media on Groups, as well!
  • HTML5 playback: with fall back to flash/silverlight player support
  • Privacy: Users can control access to their uploaded media
  • Automatic conversion (premium): of common audio & video formats to mp3/mp4 via Kaltura Add-On, and FFMPEG Add-On


BuddyPress Media's Roadmap page

  • Importers: Site admins will be able to import media from other media plugins for BuddyPress
  • Video conversion service integration [new]: Videos can be converted via a service without installing or configuring anything on your server.
  • External media support: Users will be able to add external media using url
  • Flagging and report abuse: To auto moderate spam/inappropriate media
  • Enhanced media management: including sorting, moving media between albums, etc

Addons (Premium)

BuddyPress-Media Kaltura addon

  • Adds support for additional video formats including *.avi, *.mkv, *.asf, *.flv, *.wmv, *.rm, *.mpg.
  • You can use On-Prem or self-hosted Kaltura-CE server with this.

Available here

BuddyPress-Media FFMPEG addon.

  • Adds support for additional video formats including *.avi, *.mkv, *.asf, *.flv, *.wmv, *.rm, *.mpg.
  • Adds support for additional audio formats including *.mp3, *.ogg, *.wav, *.aac, *.m4a, *.wma.

Available here.

Coming Soon

  • Instagram filters new: Users will be able to apply Instagram like effects to uploaded images.
  • Photo tagging new: Users will be able to tag themselves and friends on the uploaded images.
  • Membership Addon (premium): Users can be given controlled upload quotas and media type access on their profiles and groups.


Important: Please provide a URL of the site/web page when requesting support.


BuddyPress Media is now available in Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Polish and Serbian. Translations for German, Italian, French and Dutch are in progress. BuddyPress Media includes full translation support. Head over to the translation project to contribute your translations. If you don't see the language of your choice, let us know in the support forum, we'll add it.


  • Install the plugin from the 'Plugins' section in your dashboard (Go to Plugins > Add New > Search and search for BuddyPress Media).
  • Alternatively, you can download the plugin from the repository. Unzip it and upload it to the plugins folder of your WordPress installation (wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation).
  • Activate it through the 'Plugins' section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit BuddyPress Media's FAQ page.


Please visit BuddyPress Media's Features page.

  1. Media Settings
  2. Privacy Settings
  3. Builtin Support
  4. Media View
  5. Album View
  6. Uploader
  7. User Privacy Settings
  8. Single Media View
  9. Media Edit View
  10. Media Activity
  11. Media Widget
  12. Lightbox


Please visit BuddyPress Media's Roadmap page to get some details about future releases.


  • Added option to toggle lightbox functionality to prevent theme conflicts
  • Minor code revision


  • Fixes warning related to scalar variables
  • Improves Group Wall Post handling
  • Adds lightbox to activity media
  • Fixes mediaelement display
  • Implements forced download for media
  • Fixes image rotation on upload
  • Fixes broken spinner image
  • Fixes some styling


  • Fixes bug related to group ids.
  • Fixes bug with stylesheet loading
  • Adds ajax loader to lightbox
  • Revamped uploader UI


  • Added activity uploader
  • Added lightbox
  • Fixed bug in friends' privacy
  • Fixed bug due to which edit/delete buttons would show up
  • Refactored code and styling


  • Fixes modular compatibility with friends component. Thanks to Cat555 for reporting this.
  • Fixes modular compatibility with friends component.
  • Fixes default privacy levels.
  • Minor Admin UI revisions.
  • Fixes load more on albums.


  • Fixes automatic count update.
  • Fixes other bugs in Privacy Update.


  • Fixed all warnings and errors with 2.6 thanks to dzapata79, Scott.
  • Special thanks are due to Stephan Oberlander who let us use his site for testing and reproducing the errors!


  • Improved group compatibility


  • Refactored database update checker to fix bugs


  • Fixed database upgrade issues due to js and css caching


  • Fixed warnings that appeared on non-upgrade of database.


  • Added Privacy for Media.
  • Added crude support for activity privacy (due for revision)
  • Revised media count functionality
  • Fixed widget to recognise enabled/disabled media types
  • Renamed 'Featured' to 'Set as Album Cover' in the UI for clarity
  • Fixed featured functionality
  • Fixed download functionality
  • Rewritten query functions
  • Improved css and js
  • Major code refactoring


  • Fixes thumbnail appearance and height issues with some themes.
  • Other minor UI changes


  • Added option to enable/disable BuddyPress Media on Groups. (Profile toggle, coming soon)
  • Added Polish language.
  • Media tabs display now responds to admin settings
  • Improved Uploader UI.
  • Improved settings screen.
  • More code comments and documentation added.
  • Fixed gallery responsiveness.
  • A few bug fixes.


  • Added option to toggle BuddyPress Media menu in admin bar
  • Added incomplete translations for German, Italian, French and Dutch languages
  • A few bug fixes.


  • Fixes warning on admin side.


  • Fixed bug where when a user visits another member's media tab when groups are inactive, they'd get an error.
  • Improved long album title and count display.


  • Bug fixes for admin notices on multisite installs.
  • Bug fixes for activity on multiple uploads.
  • Updated upload UI. Now uploads are possible from all tabs.
  • Fixed translation readiness.
  • Added Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish and Japanese languages.
  • Added Album renaming and deleting functionality.


  • Fixed latest activity formatting.
  • Added auto-update for add-ons.
  • Made minor changes for add-on compatibility.


  • Fixed bug where settings weren't getting saved on multisites.
  • Workaround for bug where the last activity wouldn't show up.
  • Fixed bug with iOS uploads.
  • Some minor code changes


  • New Widget added with more options!
  • Fixed 'Show More' action on Group Album thanks to bowoolley
  • Fixed conflicts with 'BuddyPress Activity Plus', thanks to number_6 and param-veer
  • Some more housekeeping, code cleanup and documentation.


  • Total code overhaul. Fixed a lot of bugs and optimised a lot of other code.
  • Added proper translation support!
  • Removed extra jQuery UI scripts and styles, for speed and optimisation


  • Album creation on a single file upload. Thanks to Josh Levinson for providing the fix.
  • Fixed Version number constant.


  • Default permission for album creation in groups set to admin.
  • Fixed the warning on the "New Post" about the MYSQL query.


  • Groups Media feature added
  • Featured image selection in albums


  • Fixed some screen functions


  • Fixed the "Upgrade" button issue


  • Fixed the Multisite issue for the options page.


  • Fixed a bug in upgrade script


  • Added support for media-count on albums
  • fixes bbPress conflict in_array() expects parameter 2


  • Added more verification to check whether the object being used is available or not.
  • Added custom message on delete activity action.
  • Modified the upgrade loop to handle the sites with large number of media files.


  • Fixed the Notice that was generated on the albums page.


  • Removed anonymous function since its not supported in PHP versions < 5.3


  • Album Support for Users
  • Ajaxified pagination to make it easy to view large albums.
  • Multiple file uploads with progress bar
  • Easy access to the backend admin-options
  • Admin-option to disable download button below media files.


  • Fixed the postmeta box bug


  • Added video thumbnail support for addons.
  • Updated the MediaElementJS player library.


  • Fixed file uploading via iPhone.


  • Changed some default values and normalized all files with end of file as line feed only


  • Some changes in readme file


  • Added necessary hooks & filters to support buddypress-media add-on creation.
  • Support for video format added including *.avi, *.mkv, *.asf, *.flv, *.wmv, *.rm, *.mpg.
  • Support for audio format added including *.mp3, *.ogg, *.wav, *.aac, *.m4a, *.wma.


  • Added remaining modules of getID3 php library
  • Added checking for MP3 filetype and its content before uploading


  • Added a few filters and actions for addon support
  • Fixed the short open tag bug


  • Delete functionality fixed
  • Edit functionality for Media Title and Media Description
  • Admins can manage which media types to allow


  • Replaced codec finding library
  • Fixed warning on activities page


  • Integration into BuddyPress Activities
  • HTML5 Audio Tag Support (with fallback)
  • HTML5 Video Tag Support (with fallback)

Lightbox toggle added

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