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This has been deprecated. For the reasoning behind this checkout

This package is set to work with Ember Data before 1.0 Beta. This may function with the new ActiveModelAdapter but is no longer tested or in active development.


Just add rtablada/eloquent-ember to your composer.json.


In your models just extend Rtablada\EloquentEmber\Model. Also, list all of your relationships in the withIds property on your model.

Now instead of calling toArray() call toEmberArray().

Heres an example controller for referece

public function index()
	return $this->orderModel->all()->toEmberArray();

public function store()
	$input = Input::json();

	$order = $this->orderModel->create($input->get('order'));
	$order = $order->toArray();

	return Response::json(compact('order'));

public function show($id)
	$order = $this->orderModel->findOrFail($id);

	return $order->toEmberArray();