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This is a Qt application that uses libgphoto2 on Linux and the Canon SDK on Windows to interface with Canon DSLRs.
To build on Ubuntu/Debian:
1. Install QT, libgphoto2, and git on your system if you don't already have them:
a. sudo apt-get install libqt4-dev
As a side note, I prefer to download the latest SDK from the QT website:
b. sudo apt-get install libgphoto2
c. sudo apt-get install git
2. Clone the QT-Canon git repo with the following command: git clone git://
3. Build the application:
a. Open a terminal and change into the directory where you cloned the repo
b. Run Qmake
c. Run Make
To build on Windows:
Note: Because we use the Canon SDK to build on Windows, you can't currently check out the project and build it on Windows unless you have the Canon SDK.
We hope to have a binary distirbution soon.
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