scripts to generate movie-like barcodes
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ruby & html5 scripts to generate movie like barcodes



  • ruby 1.8.x installed with curb and other gems as needed
  • ImageMagick installed
  • free flickr api key

penmachine Method

  1. How to get the metadata of all the pm photo on flickr (need to create a file called flickr.conf with your flickr api key )

    cat flickr.conf
    flickr.conf has one line: 
    api_key = a3decafbadbeefbeef
    ./getpmPhotos.rb 1> 2>
  2. How many photos with height >=720 ?

    ./get720.rb < | sort -g --key=2.1 | wc -l
    ANSWER: 4622 photos with height >= 720 (i.e. HD resolution or greater)
  3. How to retrieve the 4622 photos with height >= 720

    mkdir HD_PICS; cd HD_PICS
    ../download720.rb < ../ 2>download720.16april2011.stderr
  4. Resize images to be 1pixel wide 720 high (for some reason, bug, this converted only 4616 images)

    convert *.jpg -resize 1x720\! pmbarcode.jpg
    mkdir BARCODE1PX ; cp *.jpg BARCODE1PX ; cd BARCODE1PX
  5. Rename 1 pixel images with zeroes padded in the front so ImageMagick will get them in chronologicaly created order

  6. Since ImageMagick (at least the Mac OS X pre-compiled version I downloaded: ImageMagick 6.6.7-5 2011-02-06 Q16) can't handle 4616 images, split up into files of 1000 images each and then combine into 1 jpg

    ls -1 *.jpg > all.jpgs.txt
    split all.jpgs.txt 1000jpgs
    first1000=`cat 1000jpgsaa`
    second1000=`cat 1000jpgsab`
    third1000=`cat 1000jpgsac`
    fourth1000=`cat 1000jpgsad`
    last616=`cat 1000jpgsae`
    montage -geometry +0+0 -tile x1 $first1000  pmbarcode1000.png 
    montage -geometry +0+0 -tile x1 $second1000  pmbarcode2000.png
    montage -geometry +0+0 -tile x1 $third1000  pmbarcode3000.png
    montage -geometry +0+0 -tile x1 $fourth1000  pmbarcode4000.png
    montage -geometry +0+0 -tile x1 $last616  pmbarcode5000.png
  7. the culmination: pmbarcode2.png

    montage -geometry +0+0 -tile x1 pmbarcode1000.png pmbarcode2000.png pmbarcode3000.png pmbarcode4000.png pmbarcode5000.png  pmbarcode2.png

darkness method

(too tired to give an exhaustive HOWTO like I did for penmachine)

  1. get the flickr meta data

    ./getdblackandwhitephotos.rb 1> 2>
  2. download the photos that are 720 pixels or higher (used original resolution which is 990 photos as April 21, 2011

    ../download720FromOriginal.rb < ../ 2>darkness.download720FromOriginls.16april2011.stderr