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Get Satisfaction Metrics and other utilities in Ruby

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Roland's utilities for Get Satisfaction Metrics and other GS fun stuff

  • hardcoded for now for the Thunderbird product i.e.
  • easily hackable for any other product
  • forgive the barebones documentation for this project :-) !
  • HELP WANTED: would love for a real developer to fix this code and enhance it
  • email rtanglao AT if you are interested


  • requires a MongoDB running on local host with a database called "gs"
  • and with collection in the gs database called "topics"


Update the Mongo - ALWAYS do this first before running anything else!

./mongoUpdateSlurpGS.rb 2011 6 16  2011 6 19 2>mongoslurp.16-19june2011.818pm.stderr.txt &

Daily email metrics (I run this twice a day, typically 9a.m. and 4p.m. Pacific)

./emailDailyMetrics.rb &

Metrics reported:

  1. "Topics that Roland needs to reply to:" aka Thunderbird Get Satisfaction topics that aren't closed that have replies from other people after Roland's last reply
  2. Get Satisfaction Top 5 active - topics with most activity in terms of replies
  3. Get Satisfaction Contributors - any contributor who has a starred or company promoted reply (unforunately since it takes 3 people to star a reply before it gets star promoted, this is usually just known contributors and doesn't spot new contributors)
  4. Top 10 Get Satisfaction Repliers - those who replied the most
  5. 5 Random Get Satisfaction Topics: so we see some variation in case we don't have time to look through all the new topics
  6. New Topics - all topics created today

Sample email output by emailDailyMetrics.rb: June 19, 2011 Example Email Report

Weekly Metrics to CSV files and stdout (run once a week to generate support metrics for the Thunderbird Project Call)

./weeklyMetrics.rb 2011 6 13 2011 6 19 2>13-19june2011.stderr.txt 1>13-19june2011.stdout.txt

Search the Thunderbird Get Satisfaction MongoDB for regexes in the fulltext (title+content+replies) & tags

e.g. for Thunderbird 5 here's a sample search ("-r" is a comma separated list of regexes to search the fulltext for and "-s" is a comma separated list of regexes to search tags for)

./bruteforceSearch.rb 2011 6 1 2011 6 30 2>19june2011.tb5b1.bfs.stderr.1020pm.txt 
-r tb5, "tb 5","thunderbird5","thunderbird 5",beta 
-s "tb 5",tb5,thunderbird5,"thunderbird 5","beta feedback",50,tb5,"tb 5",beta

HOW TO Change status of a topic


There is a special endpoint just for PUTing status updates:

And the parameters look like: {"status": "complete"} 

HOW TO modify a topic using HTTP PUT


 The URL to modify a topic with a put request is https: //$id_or_slug

HOW TO determine most recent activity since the GetSatisfaction REST API does not return correct status for the "most_recent_activity" field



At the moment, if the topic has being commented the "most_recent_activity" field still show as "create" rather then "comment


You can use the reply_count and follower_count to get the exact reply and follower counts and see if they have changed as a way to get the activity performed on the topic.

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