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./emailDailyMetrics.rb &
+Metrics reported:
+1. "Topics that Roland needs to reply to:" aka Thunderbird Get Satisfaction topics that aren't closed that have replies from other people after Roland's last reply
+1. Get Satisfaction Top 5 active - topics with most activity in terms of replies
+1. Get Satisfaction Contributors - any contributor who has a starred or company promoted reply (unforunately since it takes 3 people to star a reply before it gets star promoted, this is usually just known contributors and doesn't spot new contributors)
+1. Top 10 Get Satisfaction Repliers - those who replied the most
+1. 5 Random Get Satisfaction Topics: so we see some variation in case we don't have time to look through all the new topics
+1. New Topics - all topics created today
+Sample email output by emailDailyMetrics.rb:
+[June 19, 2011 Example Email Report](
## Weekly Metrics to CSV files and stdout (run once a week to generate support metrics for the Thunderbird Project Call)
./weeklyMetrics.rb 2011 6 13 2011 6 19 2>13-19june2011.stderr.txt 1>13-19june2011.stdout.txt

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