Container repo for Datacratic platform dependencies to be installed per-user
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Platform Dependencies

Container repo for Datacratic platform dependencies to be installed per-user

After cloning run:

git submodule update --init && make

Building on Ubuntu 14.04

To build on Ubuntu 14.04 you will have to disable nodejs by building using the NODEJS_ENABLED flag set to 0. The command would then be:



GCC Internal Compiler Errors

It's possible that while building on a machine with limitted resources, the compilation will fail with a gcc internal compiler error which usually indicates that gcc ran out of memory. This can be fixed by reducing the number of processes that make spawns during the compilation process. There's two ways to do this:

  1. Reduce the number of submodules that are built in parallel by tweaking the -j command line argument provided to make.

  2. Reduce the number of parallel jobs that are used to build each submodule by overwritting the JOBS variable for our Makefile.

We don't recommend it but here's an example of how to tweak both parameters:

nice make -j2 JOBS=2

We don't recommend specifying a -j parameter because it has a multiplicative effect on the JOBS variable.

Instead, if for example you have 4 cores at your disposal, use

nice make JOBS=4

Illegal Instruction

CityHash makes use of the sse4.2 instruction set which can be problematic on VM machines in the cloud. Since the specs of the host machine can change when migrating a VM you can run into a situation where the machine used for building CityHash has sse4.2 but the environment in which it is actually used doesn't which will result in the SIGILL signal to be raised (illegal instruction).

If this is a possibility, we recommand turning off sse4.2 entirely using the DISABLE_SSE42 variable like so:

nice make all DISABLE_SSE42=1

This will prevent CityHash from taking advantage of sse4.2 instructions regardless of whether the machine supports it or not.