Exchange Connectors

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This page lists the exchange connectors that are currently available with the RTBKit distribution. Its goal is also to help RTBKit users to coordinate their efforts by registering their interest in a particular exchange.

Please add your email to the Community Interest (abbr. CI) column if you're interested by a specific connector. We'll notify you when it's made available.

If you are actually developing a connector for a particular exchange, please update this table with the appropriate information.

For any questions or difficulty updating this page, please contact

Exchange Status* CI Id
Generic OpenRTB Available openrtb
AppNexus Available(3) appnexus
BidSwitch Available(3) bidswitch
Casale Available(4) casale
Facebook Available(2) fbx
Google AdX Available(4) adx
GumGum Available(3) gumgum
Mopub Available(4) mopub
Nexage Available(4) nexage
Rubicon Available(4) rubicon
Smaato Available(4) smaato
SpotXchange Available(3) spotx
AOL Marketplace In demand 5 In demand 1
BRX In demand 3
OpenX In demand 14
Pubmatic In demand 7
MobFox In demand 1

##*Status We use the following grading system for the level of support for various exchanges

  1. Built to specification - the exchange connector has been built to the specification provided by the exchange
  2. Bid requests parsed - the exchange connector has been tested with bid request samples provided by the exchange
  3. Response tested - the exchange connector has been tested to send a response back to an exchange
  4. In production - the exchange connector has been tested and deployed in a production environment


Note that the exchange connector identifier (Id) is used by the router to locate the library and load it when needed. Thus, it needs to follow this pattern:

"lib" + id + "".

For example, the OpenRTB exchange connector lives in