An example app showing how to use rtc-switchboard to set up a signalling server and rtc-signaller on the client to exchange messages via the server. This app is basically a chat application.
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rtc-signaller demo

This is a demonstration application that illustrates how rtc-signaller can be used as a standalone package to send messages between multiple participants using WebSocket connections to rtc-switchboard.

Running the Demo

If you wish to run this demo locally, then you can run the following:

git clone demo-signaller
cd demo-signaller
npm install && npm start

You should now be able to open a browser window to http://localhost:9966/ (or alternatively if you don't want to run the demo locally). Either way you'll join the signaller-demo-test room on the switchboard and should be able to move around a couple of objects that are attempting to share state across the established peer connections.