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What is this?

This tiny program lets you migrate work items from an ibm RTC server to another issue tracker like Jira or Bitbucket.

Basic concept

Rtc2jira basically does two things:

  • Import work items from a given RTC installation
  • Exports this work items to one or more destinations

You can run this process as many times as you want. It will always update your items if they already exist at your destination.

How can I use it?

Up so far, its possible to:

  • Import some basic informations from the RTC work items into a local database
  • Export as Github-Issues (Creation & Update, but without any comments)
  • Export as Jira-Issues (Creation, but without comments)


If you want to use it or even contribute you need to fulfill following preconditions:

  • Download the RTC Plain Java Client Libraries from IBM and import it to a folder of your choice. To avoid an account creation on site, you could use: (
  • Clone this project in Eclipse
  • Add a User Library named RTCClientPlainJavaLibs and add all .jars from the folder where you extracted the Plain Java Client Libraries
  • Run maven update in your Eclipse
  • Copy from src/main/resources to the root of your project and adjust the properties to your needs.

Run it

Run the Main class. Watch your console and be impressed :-)

Basic conditions

RTC2Jira runs with IBM RTC Server Version 5.0+ (We use 5.0.1)


Move your IBM RTC WorkItems to Atlassian Jira or any other Issue Tracker




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