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Backend for reboot


  1. Make sure to have Docker Compose installed.

  2. Add the following line to your hosts file (/etc/hosts on Mac or Linux, %SystemRoot%\System32\drivers\etc\hosts on Windows): objstore
  3. docker-compose run web django-admin createcontainer
  4. docker-compose run web django-admin migrate


$ docker-compose up

If the Dockerfile has changed since last time you did this, you'll need to run docker-compose up --build or docker-compose build.

If the database schema has changed since last time, you'll need to run docker-compose run web django-admin migrate.

Running End-to-End Tests

$ docker-compose run e2e


After uploading a new docker image, the website will automatically update

$ cd eahub
$ docker build -t eahub:latest .
$ docker system prune --force
$ docker tag eahub
$ docker push

Running django commands

$ docker-compose run web bash
$ docker-compose run web django-admin shell
$ docker-compose run web django-admin makemigrations
$ docker-compose run web django-admin migrate

Docker Image Registry Login

  • Images are privately saved to our Azure Container Registry
$ docker login
>>> username: eahub
>>> password: <see lastpass>

Commit Message Practices

These are primarily for the benefit of maintainers, but all contributors are urged to follow them in order to make maintainers' lives easier.

  • In general, follow the practices outlined in "How to Write a Git Commit Message" by Chris Beams.
  • As an exception to the above, do not manually wrap the body of a commit message. The main reason for this is because our workflow depends on the GitHub web interface, which doesn't provide an easy way to do this. It does not depend on emailing patches, so the benefits of wrapped lines don't apply. There is arguably some benefit to the usability of git log, but it doesn't outweigh the costs.
  • Maintainers should use GitHub's squash merging exclusively. Merge commits and rebase merging have been disabled in GitHub.
  • Every commit in a pull request needs a Signed-off-by: line, which you can generate with the -s option of git commit. By including this line, you attest to the Developer Certificate of Origin, i.e., you agree to release your contribution under the MIT License and certify that you have the right to do so. Pull requests that don't have this in every commit will be automatically blocked from merging. Maintainers should ensure that this line is preserved in the squashed commit (but only once per contributor per commit).
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