Seemless integration of Kint into Laravel
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Seamless Laravel 5 / Kint Integration

Laravel License

I love Kint, but it's a little hard to get it to work perfectly within Laravel. This plugin solves that, and adds some new features as well.

Laravel 5 Documentation Laravel 4 Documentation


Install with composer

composer require rtconner/laravel-kint "~3.0"

Then add this to config/app.php

'providers' => [

Optionally setup the config/kint.php file

php artisan vendor:publish


Use Kint as you would normally.

d($var); // debug dump

s($var); // simple print

There is an also an added feature to allow you to easily dump variables from within blade templates. Notice no semi-colon at the end, and must be on their own line of code.




To enable configuration first create the config/kint.php file in your app.

php artisan vendor:publish

See config/kint.php for configuration options.

See Kint documentation for details on configuration options.


Copyright 2015 Robert Conner, You may use this code under The MIT License (MIT)