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build network tunnels over WebRTC
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RTCTunnel builds network tunnels over WebRTC.

WARNING: this is a proof of concept and should not be used in production. Things like disconnects and invalid data are not handled gracefully and will result in the program crashing.

An overview of the application and how and why it was built is available here: RTCTunnel: Building a WebRTC Proxy with Go.


RTCTunnel can be installed via go get:

go get

Or downloaded from the releases page (for linux).


RTCTunnel creates a network tunnel over WebRTC between two peers. Those peers are identified by a public key.

To use RTCTunnel first create a config with:

rtctunnel init

You can see info with:

rtctunnel info

Once you've done that on both peers, copy the two public keys and add a route. A route has four components: a local peer, a local port, a remote peer and a remote port. All network connections and data sent to the local port will be forwarded to the remote peer. For example:

export CLIENT_KEY=
export SERVER_KEY=
rtctunnel add-route \
    --local-peer=$CLIENT_KEY \
    --local-port=6379 \
    --remote-peer=$SERVER_KEY \

The route must be added on both peers and the CLIENT_KEY and SERVER_KEY should be set to the peer keys.

Once the routes are added you can run rtctunnel with:

rtctunnel run

Typically it would be run in the background.

A docker-compose example is available in examples/redis.


Configuration is stored in a yaml file based on

Linux:   $XDG_CONFIG_HOME or "$HOME/.config"
Windows: %APPDATA% or "C:\\Users\\%USER%\\AppData\\Roaming"
macOS:   $HOME/Library/Application Support

You can see the path by running rtctunnel help.

Signal Channel

In addition to the key pair and routes you can set the signal channel in the config:

  public: xxx
  private: xxx
routes: []
signalchannel: operator://localhost:8000

The default signal channel is operator://, a custom signaling server whose source code can be found at Currently no other signaling schemes are defined.

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