Emulator and debugger for the 6502 microcontroller
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6502 Emulator

After I found this very nice tutorial on writing assembler code for the 6502 microprocessor I gave it a try myself at the following CodingDojo. It took a while to wrap my head around it but at the end of the evening we successfully painted the display blue - not quite the sphere ray-tracing we originally had in mind.

So I thought the best way to really understand it, would be to implement an emulator for the processor myself. This is the result.


To run a program enter the following command. debug starts the debugger to step through the program instruction by instruction.

python run.py <source_file> [debug]

Work in Progress

The emulator is far from being complete. The most important instructions are implemented, but many are still missing.


I took the snake program from the tutorial and part of the test suite from py65.