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The History of Calchemy™, 1988 to Present

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  • 1988: Ken and Rich meet at HP; Ken shares his brilliant idea and Rich shares his prototype code!
  • 1993: Ken incorporates Calchemy Software, Inc., and Unicalc is released to the world as a 16-bit Windows application, on 5.25" and 3.5" floppies, for $79.00, including in 1993 all of the major features found in the new-but-not-so-new javascript Calchemy of 2020:
    • Solve By Dimensional Analysis,
    • Overloaded Units,
    • Free Units,
    • Pluralized Units,
    • Show Interpretations,
    • Unit Select, Search, and Details, and
    • A Large Units and Physical Constants and Properties Database!
  • 1993: Calchemy Software, Inc., Unicalc wins designfax Five-Star Product Of The Month award!
  • 2001: Unicalc is released for PalmOS, on PDAs.
  • 2002: Unicalc name is changed to Calchemy™.
  • 2009: Calchemy is released for iOS, on iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • 2020: Calchemy is released for web browsers, in javascript!


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