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from fabric.api import cd, env, prefix, run, sudo, task
# Fill out USER and HOSTS configuration before running
env.user = ''
env.hosts = ['']
env.code_dir = '/home/%s/rtd/checkouts/' % (env.user)
env.virtualenv = '/home/%s/rtd' % (env.user)
def install_prerequisites():
"""Install prerequisites."""
sudo("apt-get -y install python-dev python-pip git redis-server texlive "
sudo("pip install virtualenv")
def create_virtualenv():
"""Create virtualenv."""
run("virtualenv --no-site-packages --distribute rtd")
def clone_repository():
"""Clone readthedocs repo"""
run("mkdir %s/checkouts" % (env.virtualenv))
with cd("%s/checkouts" % env.virtualenv):
run("git clone")
def pip_requirements():
"""Install pip requirements"""
with cd(env.code_dir):
with prefix("source %s/bin/activate" % (env.virtualenv)):
run("pip install -r pip_requirements.txt")
def build_db():
"""Build database"""
with prefix("source %s/bin/activate" % (env.virtualenv)):
run("%s/readthedocs/ syncdb" % (env.code_dir))
def migrate_db():
"""Migrate database"""
with prefix("source %s/bin/activate" % (env.virtualenv)):
run("%s/readthedocs/ migrate" % (env.code_dir))
def load_testprojects():
"""Load test data and update repos"""
with prefix("source %s/bin/activate" % (env.virtualenv)):
run("%s/readthedocs/ loaddata test_data" % (env.code_dir))
run("%s/readthedocs/ update_repos" % (env.code_dir))
def install():
"""Install readthedocs"""
def clean():
"""Clean up everything to start over"""
sudo("rm -rf %s" % (env.virtualenv))
sudo("pip uninstall virtualenv")
sudo("apt-get -y purge python-dev python-pip git redis-server texlive "
sudo("apt-get -y autoremove --purge")
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