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Removing "Edit on ..." Buttons from Documentation

When building your documentation, Read the Docs automatically adds buttons at the top of your documentation and in the versions menu that point readers to your repository to make changes. For instance, if your repository is on GitHub, a button that says "Edit on GitHub" is added in the top-right corner to your documentation to make it easy for readers to author new changes.

Remove links from top-right corner

The only way to remove these links currently is to override the Read the Docs theme templates:

  • In your Sphinx project path, create a directory called _templates. If you use a different templates_path option in your, substitute that directory name.
  • Create a file in this path called breadcrumbs.html

The new breadcrumbs.html should look like this:

{%- extends "sphinx_rtd_theme/breadcrumbs.html" %}

{% block breadcrumbs_aside %}
{% endblock %}

Remove "On ..." section from versions menu

This section can be removed with a custom CSS rule to hide them. Follow the instructions under :doc:`adding-custom-css` and put the following content into the .css file:

/* Hide "On GitHub" section from versions menu */
div.rst-versions > div.rst-other-versions > div.injected > dl:nth-child(4) {
    display: none;


You may need to change the 4 number in dl:nth-child(4) for a different one in case your project has more sections in the versions menu. For example, if your project has translations into different languages, you will need to use the number 5 there.

Now when you build your documentation, your documentation won't include an edit button or links to the page source.