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01c044b Jul 19, 2017
@ericholscher @wraithan @jodal @PaulMcMillan @snide @agjohnson
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from fabric.api import lcd, local
from fabric.decorators import runs_once
import os
fabfile_dir = os.path.dirname(__file__)
def i18n():
with lcd('readthedocs'):
local('rm -rf rtd_tests/tests/builds/')
local('tx pull')
local('django-admin makemessages --all')
local('tx push -s')
local('django-admin compilemessages')
def i18n_docs():
with lcd('docs'):
# Update our tanslations
local('tx pull -a')
local('sphinx-intl build')
# Push new ones
local('make gettext')
local('tx push -s')
def spider():
local(' -d1')