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Raise API limit for versions.

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1 parent 7ce6482 commit 8569d554372c2af6f1bddccd05473cbade7da28d @ericholscher ericholscher committed Oct 25, 2012
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4 readthedocs/projects/
@@ -318,7 +318,7 @@ def update_imported_docs(version_pk):
# check tags/version
#XXX:dc: what in this block raises the values error?
- old_versions = [obj['identifier'] for obj in api.version.get(project__slug=project.slug, limit=500)['objects']]
+ old_versions = [obj['identifier'] for obj in api.version.get(project__slug=project.slug, limit=5000)['objects']]
if version_repo.supports_tags:
tags = version_repo.tags
@@ -455,7 +455,7 @@ def fileify(version):
-#@periodic_task(run_every=crontab(hour="*", minute="*", day_of_week="*"))
+#@periodic_task(run_every=crontab(hour="*", minute="*/5", day_of_week="*"))
def update_docs_pull(record=False, pdf=False, man=False, force=False):
A high-level interface that will update all of the projects.

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