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Support setuptools/distribute extras dependencies #173

domenkozar opened this Issue · 4 comments

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For example, I have in one of my projects:

      'test': ['webtest', 'nose', 'coverage'],
      'develop': ['bpython', 'z3c.checkversions [buildout]'],

For API documentation, 'test' packages need to be installed, would be nice if rtd supported this feature :)

Read the Docs member

Is there a concept of documentation as a key here? I don't think it makes sense to install necessarily the test dependencies, but if there is one for creating the documentation, I would get behind that.


Extras can be anything. Some people do like to put 'docs' extras, where they enumerate all dependencies needed to be installed for documentation generation.

Read the Docs member

Closing this for now. I don't really see how it makes sense for RTD to support. If there was some kind of standard for "things I need to install to build docs", we could support that. Something in distribute, or a documentation_requirements.txt in the top-level or requirements/documentation.txt for pip. RTD might be able to take the lead in adding that, but this ticket doesn't really mean that. So feel free to re-open with a proposal for something awesome like that :)


I would like to reopen this issue for discussion. Using setuptools and specifying extras_require has become pretty standard. Pip supports installing these extras using

pip install project\[docs,other,extra\]

Using extras_require instead of requirements prevent cluttering the root directory of a project.

Since a requirements file can already be specified for RTD, I think 'extras' can be specified just as easy.

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