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Removal of numpy package has broken my docs #236

njsmith opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Numpy used to be available on the build machine:
but now it isn't:
(I guess they got upgraded recently?)

There's no way for me to work around the lack of system-installed numpy, for reasons already described in #217, #218... could you please install it? Or let me know that you won't, so I can figure out how to transition to hosting my docs somewhere else? Not trying to be passive-aggressive, just need to know what's going on...


I also cannot get my docs to build because of the numpy dependency. I've tried Mocking numpy, but it has no effect (I still get the ImportError)


This appears to be fixed now, thanks.

@njsmith njsmith closed this

For those who still have problems, it does not appear to be enough to list numpy in the requires list of instead, a requirements file must be included in the source code (and added to the read the docs configuration), and numpy must be in this requirements file.


This used to work for me (after the --system-site-packages option for virtualenvs was added), but since end of October it is failing again ("numpy not found"). It is listed in the requirements file but AFAICT this shouldn't actually matter when it is using the system-wide installation.

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