Improve installation and deployment documentation #412

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garaud commented Jul 13, 2013

  • Mandatory dependencies with a specific version or minimal version.
  • Which RTD version/commit to use for deployment.
  • Describe a straightforward example with Postgres, Apache, etc. (for instance) + links to Django docs about deployment.

More ideas...

Best regards,
Damien G.


wraithan commented Oct 31, 2013

We always are running HEAD of master (or nearly always), dependencies are pinned in our requirements file, the rest fall under it being a very standard django site to deploy. Maybe it is assuming too much that people know how to deploy django sites if they are deploying RTD...

garaud commented Oct 31, 2013

OK thanks ! If you read the first post of the issue #411, I tried to 'pip install' and locally deploy RTD with a recent version of RTD (at least a recent version 4 months ago!). I thought there were some missing info about the dependencies versions in the requirement file: there are some variables or modules from dependencies were missing.

Maybe I should try again. And if I have some problems or questions, I'll send a message to the mailing-list or go to the dedicated Freenode chan.



ericholscher commented Aug 2, 2014

Closing this. I believe our install options are pretty solid at this point.

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