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.. automodule:: test_py_module.test

Generated Index

Part of the sphinx build process in generate and index file: :ref:`genindex`.

Optional parameter args

At this point optional parameters cannot be generated from code. However, some projects will manually do it, like so:

This example comes from django-payments module docs.

This backend implements payments using a popular Polish gateway,

Due to API limitations there is no support for transferring purchased items.

param seller_id:Seller ID assigned by Dotpay
param pin:PIN assigned by Dotpay
param channel:Default payment channel (consult reference guide)
param lang:UI language
param lock:Whether to disable channels other than the default selected above


.. data:: Data_item_1

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Fusce congue elit eu hendrerit mattis.

Some data link :data:`Data_item_1`.