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@@ -87,16 +87,26 @@ file of this repository, and can be defined in your project's ```` via
.. code:: python
html_theme_options = {
'collapse_navigation': False,
'display_version': False,
'navigation_depth': 3,
'typekit_id': hiw1hhg,
'collapse_navigation': False
'sticky_navigation': False
'navigation_depth': 4
'includehidden': True
'display_version': True
'prev_next_buttons_location': bottom
The following options are available:
* ``canonical_url`` This will specify a `canonical url <>`__
to let search engines know they should give higher ranking to latest version of the docs.
The url points to the root of the documentation and requires a trailing slash.
* ``includehidden`` Specifies if the global toctree includes toctrees marked with the `:hidden:` option
* ``prev_next_buttons_location`` can take the value ``bottom``, ``top``, ``both`` , or ``None``
and will display the "Next" and "Previous" buttons accordingly
Page-level configuration
@@ -168,9 +178,7 @@ v0.1.10-alpha
* Removes Sphinx dependency
* Fixes hamburger on mobile display
* Adds a ``body_begin`` block to the template
* Add ``prev_next_buttons_location`` which can take the value ``bottom``,
``top``, ``both`` , ``None`` and will display the "Next" and "Previous"
buttons accordingly
* Added ``prev_next_buttons_location``
@@ -209,7 +217,7 @@ It's important to note that if you don't follow the same styling for your rST he
your documents, the toctree will misbuild, and the resulting menu might not show the correct
depth when it renders.
Also note that the table of contents is set with ``includehidden=true``. This allows you
Also note that by default the table of contents is set with ``includehidden=True``. This allows you
to set a hidden toc in your index file with the hidden_ property that will allow you
to build a toc without it rendering in your index.

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