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Grunt task to work with Rackspace Cloudfiles
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Grunt Cloud Files

Call For Help

I wrote this to solve a particular problem we were facing on a project. I kept it up for a while, but I'm not suing the plugin anymore, and I no longer have the time to keep up with it.

If you are interested in helping, please reach out to me and we can talk through the code and things, and some 'next steps'. If all goes good I can add you to the Authors list on NPM for publish rights.


Cloud Files is Rackspace's cloud object storage. It's simliar to Amazon S3.

This task is based on grunt-s3 by Aaron Forsander, and uses the pkgcloud client by Nodejitsu.

This is all designed to work with Rackspace Cloud Files, and hasn't been tested on OpenStack Storage.


  1. npm install grunt-cloudfiles --save-dev (or manually add grunt-cloudfiles to your package.json).
  2. Add grunt.loadNpmTasks('grunt-cloudfiles'); to Gruntfile.js


Add the task to your Gruntfile's grunt.initConfig:

cloudfiles: {
  prod: {
    'user': 'your Rackspace username',
    'key': 'your Rackspace API key',
    'region': 'DFW',
    'upload': [{
      'container': 'name of your Cloud Files container',
      'src': 'source/static/**/*',
      'dest': 'some/folder/',
      'stripcomponents': 1,
      'purge': {
        'emails': [''],
        'files': ['index.html']

Stripcomponents (as in tar) will strip X leading path parts from the source dir. In the example above, the file source/static/js/app/main.js will be uploaded to some/folder/static/js/app/main.js, with the source/ part being removed.

Since this is a multi task, you can add multiple targets as needed. In this example we only have prod, but you could have staging, etc.

Remember that your Rackspace API key is private. If you are commiting your Gruntfile to a public repository, you probably want to store it in a separate local_config.json file.

For Rackspace UK users an additional configuration parameter authUrl is required to use the correct CDN url for UK accounts.

cloudfiles: {
  prod: {
    'region': 'LON',
    'authUrl': '',



  • added an option to purge files after the upload


  • added support for regions
  • added syncing based on MD5 Hash
  • added ability to create and/or set the CDN enabled container if neither exists
  • cleaned up code and moved from deferreds


  • Added support for Rackspace UK cloudfile accounts


  • Allow for destination folder in container


  • Migrated to pkgcloud cloud
  • Support grunt >= 0.4.0


  • Auth and adding files

Future Work

  • Provide full management of files
  • Implement meta tags


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